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5'8 California Twin - Mark Richards

Price $385 USD


Used in great condition: few small dings professionally repaired 


Length: 5'8

Width: 20.5"

Thickness:  2.5"

Volume: 32 lts

Fin Set Up: FCS 2  Twin + 1

Construction: PU

Organic Surf Wax Included with the purchase 


*Fins not included (Fins are available at a discounted price with all surfboard purchases.)


The Cali Twin collaboration between Mark Richards and Matt Biolos. It's a modern, single to double concave, twin + trailer based on my most popular modern shortboard;


The SuperTwin.

"Mark allowed me the honor of tweaking his iconic Super Twin model to create a modern, user-friendly, small-wave weapon. We dramatically lowered the entry rocker, widened the nose and tail block, and added a couple of inches of width to the outline, giving gobs of glide in gutless surf.


We flattened the deck for stability but retained MR's classic speedy, down soft rails and his modern performance tail rocker‚ ensuring it still turns properly and precisely. Flat where it needs to be, but still curvy in the right spots, and it skates along but still turns in tight spots. This is a Fish that you can grovel the small stuff, but still really rip on". - Matt Biolos


  • Outline: Wider nose and tail, with extra width through the centre
  • Rocker: Lower entry rocker
  • Concave: 
  • Rails: Medium to full rails
  • Deck: Flatter deck for extra stability
  • Tail: The classic wing-swallow tail shape reduces the tail area to give the board holding power and bite through turns


PU construction with 4oz x 4oz (deck) x 4oz (bottom) glassing



5'8 California Twin - Mark Richards

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