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5'9" Lunch Break - Solid Surfboards

Price $330 USD

Used in great condition: one dingon the rail  professionally repaired 


Length: 5'9"

Width: 21.87"

Thickness:  2.62"

Volume: 38 lts

Fin Set Up: Futures 5 Fin Setup 

Construction: Epoxy® 

Organic Surf Wax Included with the purchase 


*Quad Fins Included *


So the waves suck, you have nothing to do, your boss gave you an hour off, or you got off early, it's hot, and you need to get in the water. This board is your new friend. Super full volume through the front 3/4 of the board allowing you to literally paddle into and plane through the mushiest of sections. The squared-off squash tail allows for a maneuvering feeling similar to your favorite performance shortboard, but in the worst of waves. This board features a deep double concave throughout, allowing a rather wide board to transition quicker from rail to rail. Enjoy this board not only at lunch, but before and also after work.. At least until the waves get better.


Skill Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Board Shape Type

Egg, Groveler, Midlength, Small Wave

Wave Size

Small 0-2 ft, Fun 2-4 ft, Good 4-8 ft

Wave Type

Fast Point Break, Fun Point Break, Fun Reef Break, Soft Beach Break

Tail Shape

Hip Squash, Squash


Deep Double Concave through Vee through Tail – Helps a Wide Board roll rail to rail

Rail Shape

Full w/ Hard Edge thru Tail – Stable Paddler with Easy Maneuvering in Softer Waves

Rocker Flow

Smooth Entry Rocker Extra Tail Rocker – Fun Size Good Rippable Waves


5'9" Lunch Break - Solid Surfboards


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