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Handmade Leather Wrapped Premium Yerba Mate Gourd (Mate cup) + Bombilla 


The handcrafted carving on its ring-top makes it stand out from the rest.


Its easy grip and the little "Yerba" (herb) it consumes, makes it the best choice by those who spend time drinking alone, at the office or at home.


Mate Gourd
Handcrafted Chiseled Stainless Steel ringtop.
Leather Wrapped
Base with 4 reinforced legs.

Pico De loro Bombilla Included 

100% Argentine Artisan Product


Being a handmade product and using natural gourds, each mate is unique and the measurements may vary a bit.

Because natural gourd is used, it is necessary to cure the Mate before using it, to seal the pores of the fruit and prevent it from giving the Mate a bitter taste.

Mate Torpedo Uruguayo Cincelado + Bombilla

Out of Stock
    • Fill the gourd with Yerba Mate. Add Warm Water and leave it until the next day.
    • Scrape the surface very well to remove the woody stem.
    • When the stem is completely removed, rinse and let dry in the sun.

    Now it is ready to use!
    Relax and enjoy your mate

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