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Handmade Leather Wrapped Premium Yerba Mate Gourd (Mate cup) + Bombilla  


Its easy grip and the little "Yerba" (herb) it consumes, makes it the best choice by those who spend time drinking alone, at the office or at home.


  • Mate Gourd
  • Stainless Steel ringtop.
  • Leather Wrapped
  • Base with 4 reinforced legs.
  • Bombilla Pico de Loro included 


100% Argentine Artisan Product


Being a handmade product and using natural gourds, each mate is unique and the measurements may vary a bit.

Because natural gourd is used, it is necessary to cure the Mate before using it, to seal the pores of the fruit and prevent it from giving the Mate a bitter taste.

Mate Torpedo Uruguayo Premium + Bombilla

    • Fill the gourd with Yerba Mate. Add Warm Water and leave it until the next day.
    • Scrape the surface very well to remove the woody stem.
    • When the stem is completely removed, rinse and let dry in the sun.

    Now it is ready to use!
    Relax and enjoy your mate

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