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Nº6 Fish Traction

Natural Feels with retro vibes 

Designed for Fish and alternative boards. 


Groovy Grooves:

The grippiest and least abrasive traction that won’t tear you up like wax/ no wax rash.



Good for your surfing, Good for the environment.

Made with Eco-Good™️ Biodegradable Foam.



  • • 3 Pieces
  • • Kick: Low
  • • No Arch
  • • 3M Adhesive



L: 14.25″ x W: 14.25″


Go Au Natural with our Fish Pad.

Natural barely-there wax feeling.

Nº6 Fish Traction - Black

Out of Stock
    1. Measure the tail width of your board at the leash plug.
      If it's at least 10" wide, move to step #2. If it's less than 10" wide the grovel pad won't fit your surfboard. 
    2. Starting from the tail of your surfboard, measure up 14"
    3. At the 14" measurement from step #2, measure across the surfboard to get the width. The width of your board must be at least 16.5" inches for the grovel  pad to fit your board.  


    1. Organic Ingredients added to sympl ECO-GOOD foam biodegradable pads.
    2. Build to perform, our traction pads resist salt water, sun, and other elements. 
    3. Once you retire your surfboard ECO-GOOD foam biodegrades, allowing you to enjoy your pad knowing you are helping the world.       
    4. All ECO-GOOD Pads are packaged on Recycled cardboard & biodegradable shrink wrap. Just throw it in the trash and  it will disappear without a trace. 

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