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Made with Palo (w / stems);


Rosamonte is one of the best known yerba mate brands in Argentina and Rosamonte "Seleccion Especial" is recognized as one of the best yerbas produced in Argentina.


It is a strong Yerba with a lot of flavor.

Stands for 24 months.

Rosamonte (Selección Especial) - Yerba Mate

    • Add Yerba Mate 3/4 of your mate gourd.
    • Turn the gourd over while covering with your hand and give it a light shake. This helps mix & blend the properties of the yerba.
    • Tap the Yerba Mate on one side of the container to create a 45° little slope on one side.
    • Gently insert the filter tip of the Bombilla while covering the other tip with your finger into the bottom of the gourd.
    • Add warm water (no more than 80° C or 176°F) in the side of the bombilla until it fills 3/4 of your gourd.


    Enjoy the ritual of sharing with the others, the magic of drinking mate

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