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Taragüi - Yerba Mate

Made with palo (w / stems);

Traditional mix;


Taragüi is the leading Yerba in Argentina and has a personality that makes it one of a kind. Since 1940 it has been cultivated, harvested and made in origin by authentic specialists


A balanced grind, for full-bodied mates and just the right intensity.

Taragüi - Yerba Mate

    1. Add Yerba Mate 3/4 of your mate gourd.
    2. Turn the gourd over while covering with your hand and give it a light shake. This helps mix & blend the properties of the yerba.
    3. Tap the Yerba Mate on one side of the container to create a 45° little slope on one side.
    4. Gently insert the filter tip of the Bombilla while covering the other tip with your finger into the bottom of the gourd.
    5. Add warm water (no more than 80° C or 176°F) in the side of the bombilla until it fills 3/4 of your gourd.



    Enjoy the ritual of sharing with the others, the magic of drinking mate

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